Carpet Cleaning Service

    Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

    Magic Gloves will clean your priceless carpet for a fair fee. The techniques we use have been tried and true over the years, and our team of committed experts has vast experience in removing even the most difficult stains and dirt from your pricey rugs. We have all the required equipment and cutting-edge cleaning solutions, which enable us to consistently produce excellent cleaning outcomes. We excel in office carpet cleaning with modern equipment. To leave the sensitive textile floors sanitised and bright, we always treat stains and other blemishes before we begin the thorough carpet cleaning. Magic Gloves Cleaning Service is one of the best carpet cleaners in Dubai.


    Our technicians are completely qualified and furnished with the most modern, efficient chemicals on the market. Our pet-friendly remedies and sanitizers assist with unforeseen canine accidents that occasionally happen. Our experts always spot-test a discrete area before deciding colour fastness to make sure they’re using the right chemical and cleaning technique for your carpet. We provide professional carpet cleaning service.

    There isn’t a single substance that can get rid of every stain. Each discoloration needs to be evaluated and handled differently.


    Steps of Carpet Cleaning:


    1. To start, our cleaners completely assess your unclean carpet to determine the best course of action.


    2. The entire carpet is vacuumed to remove any dust or loose debris that might interfere with the steam cleaning process.


    3. Next, a special product is pre-sprayed on any spots to remove dirt and stains.


    4. Using an industrial steam cleaner extraction machine, the real Steam Cleaning Service is performed.


    5. To get the best condition possible, any stains that are particularly difficult to remove are given extra attention.


    6. Stain protection is applied upon customer request.


    7. The drying procedure typically takes between one and three hours after cleaning.


    8. Lastly, our clients have the opportunity to review the outcomes before signing a receipt.

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