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Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai

Magic Gloves provide best residential cleaning solution at an affordable cost. We classify residential cleaning into various types and we cover all of them.

Some homes are already clean and needs a professional touch to shine brighter, those home requires basic cleaning service. Deep cleaning service are important if your place requires a full makeover. In deep cleaning there will be thorough cleaning of your bathrooms and kitchen. This is always recommended if you haven’t cleaned your home for quite a sometime.
Cleaning and disinfecting your Home is very important.
Because of constant contact with water, bacteria, plaque and aqueous stone quickly appear on tiles.
Yes, it is resistant to contact with water, but that does not mean that humidity has a positive effect on its appearance.
Dust from other rooms accumulates on the tiles, and dark stains appear on them when they come into contact with water. In addition, the seams between the tiles darken, and bacteria form on them.
The process of washing and disinfecting tiles takes longer than conventional plumbing cleaning. This is one reason to put off such cleaning.
But if you contact a Magic Gloves cleaning company, you’ll get a great cleaning without the personal time commitment.
Get The Best Cleaning Services in Dubai

Are you moving to a new place? Clean it before you throw your house warming party. Some landlords need to handover your home neat and clean. For them, we provide move our cleaning service.

Carpet and sofa cleaning should be done on a regular basis. We have high-tech equipment which vanishes dirt from your sofa and carpet within few minutes. The chemicals we use for shampooing your carpet are harmless and leave a great smell. Next time if someone spills coffee on your sofa, you know whom to call.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Did you know? Carpet acts as a magnet to dust and germs at your place. Over time a pile of sticky soil is built up from the dusts and microorganisms that are tracked in the carpet from outside. It is very much necessary for cleaning the carpet on a frequent basis so as to prevent the build-ups of bacteria and allergens in the carpet that can be harmful to your health. Carpet cleaning services are essential to ensure the air quality of the home are not infected with allergens and also maintain the quality of the carpet. Ordinary home cleaning tactics are not as effective when compared to the machines that reach to the plush fibres of the carpet. There are many different tactics and methods available for cleaning carpet, however, each application depends upon the needs of a particular carpet. With the assistance of right carpet cleaning machines a carpet might be washed, shampooed, deep cleaned or dry cleaned depending upon the level of cleaning a carpet requires. Our company is the right destination in Dubai for assuring your carpet is germ and dust free and cleaned with utmost care.

Why frequent vacuum cleaning does not help?

You might vacuum clean your carpet sometimes, however it cleans only from the upper surface. Unlike the dedicated carpet cleaning machines, a vacuum cleaner cannot reach to the allergens and bacteria which gets buried deep in the plush fibres of carpet over time. Even more, poor vacuum cleaning disturbs these settled particles and increases the chance of releasing it into the open air environment. We are equipped with high powered vacuums that uses cutting edge technology and includes steam and shampoo cleaning services as well. Cleaning your carpet with these methods ensures the trapped germs and bacteria are extracted 99.99% and it again becomes new to use.

Invest in your Health

When a carpet is not thoroughly cleansed, many health-hazardous particles stay trapped like allergens, dust mites, pet dander and germs. By letting us professionals to take care of your carpet cleaning, we aim to improve the air quality of your home, prevent spreading any diseases and reduces the chances of allergic symptoms.

We are equipped with high-end carpet cleaning machinery and highly trained workforce to provide professional carpet cleaning services. We make sure
1. Chemicals we use does not damage your product
2. Safety standards are followed
3. Add-on cleaning features for deep cleaning
4. Guarantee for our service
The carpet cleaning techniques we employ are
1. Steam cleaning the carpet. With the help of a hot cleansing solution we pump it into the carpet at high pressure for loosening the dirt and then we extract with a high power vacuum.
2. Shampoo cleansing the carpet. Chemical cleansing solution is used for shampooing the carpet and then draw out with shampooing machine. Works well for cleaning carpet greasy stains.
3. Dry cleaning the carpet. A moist and powdery substance are spread out on the carpet or is shampooed along with foam then the dirt is extracted with a high power vacuum.

Mattress Cleaning Services

Cleaning your mattress is considered to be more important than cleaning your sofa and carpets at your home. Every night while we sleep, our bodies shred sweat and dead skin cells on our mattresses. It further become foods for the bacteria, fungal spores and dust mites and mattress acts as a host. Even if you are cleaning your home very well, you are overlooking one of the important item that is responsible for impacting upon the indoor air quality, which is your mattress. You might believe mattress does not require cleaning unless you notice a spill but actually the truth is it requires more regular cleaning as it becomes one of the most used items. An average mattress acts as a home to about two million dust mites alone! Ignoring your mattress might turn it into one of the dirtiest thing in your home. Apart from removing stains, the main reason to clean your mattress is to disinfect the material.

Why hire professional mattress cleaners?

According to experts mattresses should be cleaned twice a year by professionals apart from regular cleaning. If we are about to spend one-third of our lives sleeping, we should be more concerned about the sanitized and clean mattresses that leads to our wellbeing. The bacteria, germs, allergens, dust and bedbugs in your mattress become responsible for potential harm towards your health and your family as they give births to certain conditions like asthma, skin disorder, flu and hay fever. Hiring professionals’ makes you responsible for maintaining a clean and healthy home environment for your family. Our service providers are highly trained and use specialized equipment and chemicals for ensuring your mattress is free from all dirt and germs.

Advantages for Professional Mattress Cleaning

Even though cleaning mattress on your own seems a good idea, however, your regular vacuum and cleaning technique cannot reach to the fungus, microbes, grime, dirt and bacteria that gets buried deep within. Hiring professionals will make sure correct equipment are being employed along with the expertise necessary for cleaning your mattress from inside. Moreover, this strengthens the quality of your mattress and becomes like brand new. After a professional cleaning, you will notice, your family members having allergenic symptoms will decline and you will be able to sleep easier and better. The equipment we employ are industrial approved and ensures its effectiveness for six months.

What to expect from us

Our professionals utilises customized steam cleaners, special chemical shampoos, a dry cleaning machines and UV lightning which breaks down the sweat, oil and dead skins trapped within the mattress. In this way it extracts out the dust mites, microorganisms and bedbugs which are responsible for degrading the air quality at your home. The cost of the mattress cleaning varies depending upon the size and your preferences for inside out shampoo cleaning or dry cleaning. Considering the intensity of dirt accumulation into a mattress and its effects upon your overall wellbeing, the cost necessary to bear for mattress cleaning twice every year should be worthy.

Sofa Cleaning Services

There is no denying the fact that your Sofa is often the most used item for lying down on a regular basis. Regularly using the sofa causes accumulation of dirt and germs that are carried through our body clothes. Experts around the cleaning industry recommend for availing professional cleaning services every six months in order to keep it clean and also maintain its originality. Our cleaning services in Dubai ensures in maintaining a safe and clean environment around your home. We have essentially partnered with the best sofa and upholstery cleaning service providers in Dubai. All you have to do is contact us and book the sofa cleaning services. We assure in employing the professionals that carry out their service by maintaining total hygiene.

Why cleaning sofa on your own is not a good idea?

During regular use, sofa attracts a large amount of dirt and grime and constantly gets accumulated. Now if you vacuum your sofa it cannot get into the dust, bacteria and allergens that get trapped deep within the fibres of your sofa. The gaps of your sofa is a favourite spot for your bacteria to grow. Also, poor vacuum technique would disturb these particles and expose into the home environment. This often causes allergy among the residents from the dust mites. On top of that, dirt accumulation for a long period of time makes the sofa colours fade faster. Professional cleaning services are therefore necessary for preserving the sofa like brand new. It also means the right equipment can get deep into the upholstery and remove the dirt and bacteria that gets settled for a long time. Hiring professional cleaning services results in bacteria and allergy-free home environment and keeps the sofa look like new.

Why choose our Sofa Cleaning service?

We like to keep ourselves reliable when it comes to cleaning services in and around your home. Our cleaning service professionals has served many homes and kept a track of countless satisfied customers. Our service providers are highly qualified and trained who utilises specialized equipment, machines and chemicals in order to provide a high quality and unique cleaning experience for your sofa. Our professionals carry out the service by first examining the sofa thoroughly and decides the most suitable methods for cleaning which are then carried out on the same day.
Our available options for sofa cleaning are Steam cleaning and Shampoo cleaning. Each cleaning options is dependent upon the material of the sofa and or the amount of dirt accumulated. On a general note, steam cleaning is more efficient than a shampoo cleaning for getting rid of unwanted bacteria and germs. Also, steam cleaning has advantage of instant usage of sofa, unlike shampoo cleaning for which you have to wait before you can use it. Our service range involves
1. Specialized and clinically approved safe chemicals.
2. Experienced and trained professional who have records of excellent service.
3. Any customization requests are welcomed based on your needs.
4. We strive for providing the best services and encourage valuable customer feedback and update ourselves regularly.

Deep Cleaning

A clean home has many advantages and it feels always welcoming. For maintaining a clean home, it needs to be cleaned everyday effectively which takes up lots of effort. House cleaning is a challenging task as it requires dedicated time and efforts which is essential for inviting a peaceful and relaxing stay at your place. On the other hand a dirty house creates a sense of discomfort and chaos. Dubai is a dusty, hot and humid city which all favours the condition of piling up dirt in your home and further becomes the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. However in this hassle we often miss to effectively clean our houses. A deep cleaning service is most suitable for addressing this situation and goes way beyond the regular home cleaning. Our service provider experts recommend to avail deep cleaning services for your home at least one every four months. This helps in providing a hygienic and clean environment for your home making it an ideal condition to stay. With some licenced and vetted service providers we ensures a satisfactory deep cleaning that reaches at every corner of your home.

Why regular cleaning is not effective?

When you regularly clean your home, generally the surface areas which comes mostly in contact daily are cleaned. While the regular cleaning equipment like brooms and mops does the job however it fails to go into the unreachable parts of your home. A deep cleaning service is however more comprehensive and reaches inside of every cabinets, ovens, ceiling fans, AC vents and other corners that leaves totally bacteria and germ free. You can be assured that any kind of dirt are cleaned through our specialized equipment and we like to leave your home like new.
A deep cleaning is necessary irrespective of size of your family as it ensures your home is free from dust, dirt, moulds, bacteria and germs that can create uncomfortable situation for you and your family. Some health complications like allergies can be expunged and also make sure dust does not contaminate your foods. It will help you being tidy and we use chemicals that are labelled safe for children. Once getting you home deep cleaned, you can continue to enjoy the neat, clean and organized house while continuing small daily cleaning habits.

The cost you pay

Depending on size your home, the cost is decided. Further, if your home is furnished, our service provider experts will require to move items around your home ensuring it’s not damaged- for which a small charge is added. Machine are provided from our end which are specially equipped for deep cleaning at every corners of your home. We specially deploy quality disinfectant for your home that can kill up to 98percent of the germs and bacteria and assures your family safe health. On top these, if requested we also arrange steam cleaning equipment that will help in cleaning grouts in between the tiling. This demand needs to be requested to use before for us to arrange the same and adequate charges are going to be added.

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